What Are Affiliate Marketing Networks

As you continue your quest to find out more about Affiliate Marketing, there are several terms and phrases that will keep popping up. One of these terms will probably be ‘Affiliate Networks’. You will no doubt read countless pages and articles that all provide you with information and tell you that you should join an ‘Affiliate Network’ to help you find the products you need to promote on your own website. The question you are probably asking yourself is:

“What are affiliate marketing networks”

This page is designed to help answer that question and help you understand what ‘Affiliate Marketings Networks’ are, why they are there, what role they play and why they are beneficial to you and your online business.

What Are They

Affiliate Marketing NetworksBasically, ‘Affiliate Marketing Networks’ simply act as a middle man between you the ‘Affiliate’ and the ‘Merchants’ (the companies to whom you will be affiliated with). The majority of Affiliate Marketing Networks are FREE to join and all offer a huge choice of Affiliate Marketing programs and products for you the Affiliate to choose from.





Why Are Affiliate Marketing Networks There

They are there to make the whole process of Affiliate Marketing between the ‘Affiliate’ and the ‘Merchant’ run smoothly. For you as an Affiliate Marketer, finding suitable Affiliate programs and products for your business can sometimes be time consuming. With the help of these Affiliate Networks, it makes things so much easier. The Affiliate Network will source out Merchants and then introduce them, their products and services to you (the Affiliate).

What Role Do They Play And Why They Are Beneficial To The Affiliate Marketer

The role of an Affiliate Network covers many areas and these are of great benefit to you the Affiliate and Merchant.

  • Acts as a mediator between the Merchants and the Affiliate
  • Provides Marketing tools for the Affiliates
  • Supplies tracking codes for the Affiliate
  • Tracks all sales generated through your Affiliate link
  • Deals with all commission payments

How Much Does It Cost To Join Affiliate Marketing Networks

The majority of Networks are FREE to join and I would recommend you do pay any money to join one (with the exception of Affiliate Window which will cost £5 but you will be reimbursed with this £5 once your application has been accepted and you receive your first payment). As I said in a previous article, there are so many good Affiliate Networks that are FREE to join and that have thousands of Merchants and products to choose from, there simply is no need to pay to join any. Besides, when you are new to Affiliate Marketing and are just setting out, the last thing you want is extra expense!

Can Anyone Join Affiliate Marketing Networks

Well, the answer to this is yes and no! In theory, yes anyone can apply to an Affiliate Network providing they fit the criteria. However, whether they are accepted is a different matter!

I personally have never really had any problems being accepted but I have heard stories of other people being declined. Most Affiliate Networks have terms and Conditions and have guidelines to which they want their Affiliates to meet but so long as you have a genuine website that is not abusive or pornographic, you should be ok.

I know that there are some Networks that are very picky as to who they accept but you simply do not need to apply to them at the beginning anyway.

What Do You Need To Join The Affiliate Marketing Networks

The majority of Networks will expect you to have your own website. However, there are some Affiliate Networks that allow you to join without actually owning a website. This means that you will receive your affiliate code to which you can promote through eMail Marketing or display advertising etc. The usually requirements you will need are:

  • Website
  • Valid eMail Address
  • Valid Postal Address
  • Bank Account


What Companies Can You Become Affiliated With

Well, the list is huge and would be far too long to list on this page. There are literally thousands of major companies from all around the world that are registered with these Affiliate Marketing Networks. These companies are household names and you will be amased at which companies you can actually become affiliated with. For example, major companies such as :

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Virgin, British Airways, Thomas Cook, Adidas, Nike, Asda, BBC Magazines, BHS, Cadburys, BT, Burton, Butlins, Bose, Carphone Warehouse, Currys, Easyjet, Expedia, Hamleys, Hallmark, Halfords, John Lewis, Ink Factory, Legoland, Last Minute, La Senza, Monarch, Miss Selfridges, Ministry Of Sound, Marriot Hotels, Marks & Spencers, National Trust, National Lottery, o2 Mobiles, NCP, PC World, P&O Cruises, Paddy Power, Ordance Survey, Premier Inn, Pet Supermarket, Reebok, RAC, Sony, Superdrug, The AA and so on………………

As you can see from the short list above, there are some pretty major names involved in Affiliate Marketing Networks simply because they work and you can be affiliated to them all!

What Product Can You Promote

Well, you only have to look at the list of major companies listed above to see the vast array of products and services that are on offer to you as an affiliate. Each one of those companies has thousands of individual products of their own, just imagine being able to sell and offer so many products and services from your website. No matter what niche your website may be targeting, you will find a Merchant and product that compliments it.

As you can see from the companies above, there is a huge variety of niches and industries available including: Travel, Music, Clothing, Sports, Hotels, Electrical Goods, communications, Pets and motoring to name but a few!

Which Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks For Beginners

As I said earlier, at the beginning you want to stay clear of any Networks that are going to be really hard to join. As a new Affiliate Marketer, you will only really need to join one or two Networks, To be honest, there is so much choice in them, you would have enough to go at by just joining one of them! However, I would recommend taking a look at these to start off with.

Affiliate Future

Affiliate Window


Commission Junction



How Can I Join Affiliate Marketing Networks

The process is very simple, just go to their websites and then register as an Affiliate or Publisher.

Hopefully, this guide has been beneficial for you to help you gain an understanding of Affiliate Marketing Networks and why they are useful to you and your business.