Affiliate Marketing Programs – A Simple Overview

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, you may be wondering about Affiliate Marketing Programs and what programs are available to you. You may also be wondering where to find them and which ones are the best to ones to join. The one thing I would like to say right from the beginning is: Choose the the program that suits you and your business or website. Don’t be fooled by others and don’t be motivated by greed, as this will seriously effect your judgements and as a result damage your campaign.

This guide is designed to explain what Affiliate Marketing programs are available and where you can find them.

As an affiliate Marketer, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of choice you have when choosing an affiliate program. Due to the growth of the Internet over the past few years and the fact that more and more businesses are now turning their marketing efforts online, you can pretty much find a program to suit any niche market that will accommodate your requirements.

Finding The Right Affiliate Marketing Programs

Many people ask the question:

“Which are the best Affiliate Marketing programs?”

To be honest, there are so many great programs available, it really is down to which programs compliment your own business or websites best. Another factor is also which programs you want to promote and to which you are happy promoting. Obviously, it is wise to do a little research into any company to which you are wanting to be affiliated with because after all, you will be recommending them to your visitors or existing customers.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for a certain company, I would strongly recommend visiting their website first. Simply browse around it to see how easy their website is to navigate, see how easy it is to find products on their website and how easy it is to buy goods from them. See what their customer service is like and how they manage any returns and refunds.

Remember, if you yourself have a hard time trying to find what you are looking for or encounter any bad experiences, so will the people you refer from your own website. This will then result in them getting fed up and leaving the website without purchasing anything, which in return results in you not getting any commission on a sale!

However, if you find your experience has been an enjoyable and pleasant one and that you would be happy recommending the company to your own visitors and existing customers, then there is every reason that it would be a good program for you to promote.

Please Note: In the beginning, I would strongly recommend avoiding any programs that ask you to pay to join them.

Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are many different types of Affiliate Marketing programs that pay commissions in a variety of ways.

The whole business model of Affiliate Marketing is based upon the fact that you get paid a commission for helping promote somebody else’s products or services. However, the way you get paid can vary.

Some affiliate programs will pay you a commission on the sale of a product or service, some will pay you for a lead and others will pay you per click (when someone clicks on your affiliate link and is diverted to their own website).

The most common three types of affiliate marketing programs are:

Pay-Per-Sale: Pay-Per-Sale is when you as an affiliate receive a commission from the company to who you are affiliated. This commission is only paid after a sale has been made as a result of you referring somebody to them. The amount of commission you will earn depends on the program and varies from company to company. You may receive a set fixed amount per sale or more commonly, you will receive a percentage of the total sale price.

Pay-Per-Lead: Pay-Per-Lead, is when you as an affiliate receive a commission (usually a fixed amount) when you refer somebody to a company and they then sign up for a Newsletter, mailing List or completes a form, survey or provide relevant information for a promotion.

Pay-Per-Click: Pay-Per-Click is when you as an affiliate receive a commission every time somebody clicks on one of your affiliate referral links, even if they do not buy a product or sign up for a newsletter or fill in a form. The commission on Pay-Per-Click programs is usually set at a fixed amount. One of the largest most popular ‘Pay Per Click’ programs is ‘Google Adsense’.

Which Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For You

Each one of these different types of Affiliate Marketing programs has their own advantages and disadvantages and which ones you decide to use on your website or in your Affiliate Marketing campaigns will depend on your own business model.

I myself have a large number of websites online and I have different affiliate programs and pay-out methods on each one.

What you have to decide when you are contemplating which affiliate programs to use in your marketing campaigns is, which ones would suit and compliment your website best and which ones would provide the most benefit to your visitors and existing customers.

The biggest mistakes most people make that are new to affiliate marketing (and I can hold my hands up too), is they overload their websites with affiliate links. They become a little excited and overwhelmed at how many companies and programs they can be affiliated to and then end up listing them all!

Many people often only promote products that will offer them large commissions but then make very little money because the ticket price is far too high. A common mistake that people make is they promote products and services that have no relevance with the content of their own website and that do not compliment it. They then wonder why they never make any money!

Here are a few points to consider when choosing your Affiliate Marketing programs:

  • Only list one or two programs on your own website
  • Only list programs that offer large commissions if they will convert well
  • Only select programs that will benefit your visitors
  • Only list programs that compliment your own websites content

Ok, you can argue the fact that if you promote a high ticket program that offers a large commission (even if it does not compliment your website), you only have to make a couple of sales per year to make decent money. Yes, this is true but it is much better to receive income from commissions on programs that convert regularly, than once or twice a year and there are reasons for this!

  • People come back to your website
  • People tell others
  • The more sales you make via your affiliate programs, can help increase your commission percentages

Finding The Right Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are a couple of ways to find the right affiliate program for your campaign. Many companies have their own ‘In-House’ programs and run the affiliate accounts and tracking of commissions themselves. This means that you will need to register for their affiliate program direct with them and this is usually achieved through their own website. The best way to find out if a company has an affiliate program, is to simply visit their website and look to see if they have a program in place. The program is normally advertised at the top or bottom of a website under the heading ‘Affilates’, ‘Affiliate Program’ or ‘Partners’. Simply click on the link and it will normally take you to the registration page. Once at the sign up page, simply fill in the form and you will be registered with their program. If you cannot see any evidence of an ‘Affiliate Program’ just send the company an email and ask if they have one.

If you want to find an affiliate program in a particular niche, you can type in a search on Google for that niche.

Another way to find Affiliate Marketing Programs is to use an Affiliate Network. Affiliate Networks such as Affiliate Future are a FREE and easy way to start and this was the first I used when I first started out in Affiliate Marketing.

To read more about Affiliate Networks, what they offer, how to join and how to find a wide range of Affiliate Marketing Programs, please click on the link: Affiliate Marketing Networks