Affiliate Marketing Tips A Simple Guide

When you first start Affiliate Marketing, it is easy to get carried away and as a result, make silly costly mistakes. Any person who has started Affiliate Marketing will be able to tell you how they made silly errors at the beginning. If you have already read the article ‘What Is Affiliate Marketing’, you will no doubt be wanting to get started. The following article is designed to highlight some of the more common mistakes that people make when they first start in the Affiliate Marketing business. Hopefully, by you reading this article and following the simple steps, you will avoid such mistakes which could easily cost you money.

A List Of Simple Affiliate Marketing Tips You Can Use In Your Business

Content Is Priority

One of the biggest factors about making money through Affiliate Marketing is that you need traffic to your website to make money. Without visitors to your website, you will not make sales and as a result you will not receive commissions. One of the best ways you can receive traffic to your website is by other people referring your website and linking to it from their own website or through forums and Social Networking sites. Also, you need to be ranking in the Search Engines to receive the FREE traffic they offer.

Always remember that before you begin to start adding affiliate links to your website, you need to provide your visitors with great content first. If you have great content, other people will link to you and traffic will come. Before you start, always get your priorities straight and that is to provide good content first and add the affiliate links later.  Nobody want to visit a website that is just full of ads and affiliate links, with little content about the topic they are searching for!

Don’t Pay To Join Any Affiliate Program

There are so many great affiliate programs for you to join, there really is no need for you to part with any of your hard earned cash. The majority of Affiliate programs are 100% FREE to join and if any company is requesting for you to pay them to join their program, I would suggest you move on and find another. The whole point of Afiliate Marketing is that you get paid when you promote someone else’s product. Remember, you are doing the company a favour by promoting their product to a wider audience that they would not normally be able to reach and if they did, it would cost them money to advertise. Therefore, they are in theory receiving FREE advertising, so you should not be expected to pay them for the privilege!

Know Your Target Audience And Market

It seems a very obvious statement to make but it is amasing how many people display affiliate promotions on their website that have no relevance to their target market and visitors. Understanding who your visitors are, what their interests are and what they are searching for when visiting your website, will help you decide on what affiliate programs to promote. Put yourself in the shoes of the people who visit your website and ask yourself what you would like to find if you were a visitor to your own website.

For Example: If you have a website that is travel related, it is pretty pointless promoting  something like lawn mowers.

Research Your Product

There are millions of products for your to promote and finding the best ones to suit your website is key. Finding a product that compliments your own website and one that your visitors will appreciate and like, is half the battle. Choosing a product that will convert into sales and provide you with a good commission is also key to your success in Affiliate Marketing.

It is very easy to get carried way with the amount of products that are available and as a result end up trying to promote too many to your visitors. Just concentrate on one or two good products to start with and then increase them if you think you can promote more.

Choose products that will help solve your visitors problems!

Know The Product You Promote

If you know about the product that you are promoting, it means you can give your honest review of the product. Obviously, if you are promoting a product that you yourself have bought or used, this will make promoting that product much easier. It will also gain the trust from your visitors who will then come back to your website in the future or recommend you website to others.

A really good way to start Affiliate Marketing is to write articles about the subjects you like and the equipment you use for those hobbies. For instance, if you are a Scuba Diver, you can start writing reviews about various types of equipment and then become an affiliate with Scuba Diving shops. You can also look for products that you use and then see if the company that supplies those products have their own Affiliate programs.

Build A Relationship With Your Visitors And Gain Their Trust

Don’t just try to sell to your visitors, as they will be fed up with being sold to. Don’t insult their intelligence by just thinking they will click on an advert because it is there. People are not stupid and they know when they are being sold to and also know an affiliate link when they see one. However, if you provide them with valuable content and information they require, they will trust your recommendations and click on the link regardless.

Building a relationship with your visitors and gaining their trust is key to your success in Affiliate Marketing.

For Example: When a friend recommends something to you, you generally listen and respect their judgement but if a total stranger recommended something, I imagine you would be a little sceptical and ignore their words.

Let Them Know Your Affiliated

Many people do not like telling their visitors that they are affiliated with the companies they recommend as they think people will begrudge them for earning a commisision. However, if you are honest and let your visitors know that if they buy through your link you will receive a commission, most will be happy to do so. State that they will not pay any more money on the purchase price through your link and the price will be the same as it would be if they were to buy direct from the companies website.

Be Subtle

Don’t just put adds on your page for the fun of it. This really does not encourage people to click on the link, in fact it does the opposite! I always find that incorporating the link into the text content of your webpage works better and results in more click throughs. This is simply because it looks natural and when people are reading your article, they will naturally click on the link to find out more, especially if you have worded it correctly.

Make Your Article Catchy But Personal

Making your article headlines catchy will draw people in to reading it. Once you have their attention, make it personal, as though you are speaking to them personally. The best way to do this is to write your article as though you were talking to a friend.

Become An Authoritative Figure

When people visit your website, you want them to come back and visit in the future. If people see you as an authoritative figure and like what you have to say, they will keep coming back and tell others. If they do not like or believe what you write, they will never read another word you say!

Test Your Link

When you join an Affiliate program, you will be offered many different types of links such as banner ads, graphic and text links. It is always a good idea to test each link to see which one performs best on your website and delivers the best results.

Track Your Ads

In most Affiliate programs, you have the option to add a ‘Tracking Code’ into your links. Adding a Tracking Code into your links allows you to track each ad and how it is performing. It also allows you to track each sale and from which link the sale was generated.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success

Afiliate Marketing is a great way for anyone to make money and it can also be a very lucrative way to make money. However, many people are enticed into schemes and programs that offer them quick riches and this just does not happen in Affiliate Marketing. Just like any other business, you will need to put time and effort into building your business.  Never give up your regular income because you believe you will make large amounts of money quickly from Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start earning a second income but you should only ever consider giving up your regular job, once you are earning more from Affiliate Marketing.

Build Your Own List

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will be promoting other people’s products. This means that you will be providing a link from your website or email which diverts to someone elses website. It is always a good idea to try and capture your visitors email address before they leave your website. This will then start to build your own mailing list to which you can promote other products to in the future.

Keep Your Links Current

When you first start Affiliate Marketing, it is very easy to check your affiliate links as you may only have a couple on one website. However, as your Affiliate Marketing business grows, you will find that you will have more websites with more affiliate links. It can then become a little bit harder to keep up to date with your links and you may find that some of the links no longer work or have expired. Obviously, if a visitor tries to click on the link and finds that an ‘Error’ appears, they will be annoyed and leave. This only results in you losing a commission!

Add Your Own Bonus

There is nothing wrong with telling your visitors that if they purchase the product through your affiliate link, they will receive a bonus gift. This could be something like a FREE ebook or a months FREE membership to your Newsletter.

Attach Your Affiliate Links To The Images On Your Website

Don’t forget to attach your affiliate links to all of the images you display on your website. People do click on images and it is better that someone is diverted to the product you are promoting rather than the upload area of the image.

Don’t Forget A Call To Action

Tell visitors what to do! This may seem starnge but the majority of people want to be told what to do next. If you have a product that you want them to see, tell them where to find it. A simple call to action in your text could be:

“For more information on the new range of wetsuits and to receive your 25% discount voucher, simply click here.”

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