The Most Popular Affiliate Programs With Best Recurring Commissions

One of the most common questions asked from people wanting to start Affiliate Marketing is:

“Which are the best Affiliate Marketing programs to join?”

Well, as we have mentioned on the following page ‘Affiliate Marketing Programs’, there are many different types of Affiliate Marketing programmes available. In fact, the choice of Affiliate programmes is a little overwhelming and choosing the right one can be difficult when you first start out. As we also mentioned on the ‘Affiliate Marketing Programs’ page, it is always best to choose a programme that compliments your website and it needs to be a good quality product that you feel happy promoting. If this is not the case, you will find it much harder to promote the product or service and also making it convert into sales.

Choosing a product that provides you with the best commissions for your campaign efforts is also something that you should consider and whether the Affiliate program is a ‘Cost Per Sale’ or ‘Recurring’ based commission. Both ‘Cost Per Sale’ and ‘Recurring’ commission programmes have their advantages and disadvantages but if you can successfully promote a programme that offers you a ‘Recurring Commission’, it will pay your dividends in the future. As you are starting out in Affiliate Marketing, any commission is welcome but if you can achieve the maximum potential of your Affiliate Marketing campaigns from day one and leverage an ongoing income from an initial sale, even better!

So, you may now be wondering what exactly a ‘Recurring Commission’ is and why it is the cherry on the cake for any Affiliate Marketer. You may also be wondering why you should seriously consider looking at a programme that offers it.

What Is Recurring Commission

All Affiliate programs offer different commission structures but if I could provide one piece of advice to you now, it would be to try and promote a quality product that offers a recurring commission. Recurring commissions will provide you with a passive residual income for the lifetime of the customer you refer and not just a single commission for the one sale.

pound-coins-stackedBasically, if you refer a customer via your Affiliate link and they purchase a product or service that is subscription based (paying a monthly or annual fee), you will receive a commission of that fee every month or year for the lifetime of that customer, as long as they continue to pay their subscription.




For Example:

A normal Affiliate commission for a sale (based on a ‘cost per sale’ basis of a product or service) might be 20% and let’s say that the product costs £100. This means that for each sale generated through your Affiliate link, you would receive £20 commission. This is still a nice amount to receive and if you generated 100 sales in a month, that’s a very respectable £2000 you are earning in commission. The only problem with this is that you need to keep generating sales to keep earning a commission, simply because you are only earning a single one time commission for each sale. If you never managed to generate another sale through that link, then you will never receive another commission. However, if you join an Affiliate programme that offers ‘Recurring Commissions’, then this is a total game changer!

Let Me Explain:

When an Affiliate Programme offers ‘Recurring Commissions’, it pays you an ongoing commission for the lifetime of the customer you referred through your Affiliate link. This means that if you referred a customer to a product or service to which they pay a monthly or yearly subscription, you will receive a commission every month or each year for the lifetime of that customer. Basically, as long as that customer continues to pay their subscriptions, you will receive a percentage commission!

For Example:

Let’s imaging that the 100 customers you generated through your link all signed up to a product or service that cost £100 per month or £100 per year. If you were receiving 20% recurring commission for each one of those customers, you would receive £2000 per month or £2000 per year.

100 x 20 = £2000 per month = £24000

100 x 20 = £2000 per year = £2000

As I am sure you can see, this is significantly a lot more money for the same work and your commissions are ongoing for those 100 customers rather than just a one-time payment on a ‘cost per sale’ basis.

Now, one thing you must ensure when you are looking for Affiliate Programmes with Recurring Commissions is that the programmes are high quality, with a good track record and ones that people will be happy to continue paying for. It goes without saying, that if the programme is no good and the product or service is poor, people will soon stop paying and cancel their subscriptions, which only results in your losing commissions!

The Best Affiliate Programmes With Recurring Commissions

Obviously, you can do your own research and check to see which Affiliate Programmes offer ’Recurring Commissions’ but I think you will be hard pushed to find any better ones than the ones listed below. The Affiliate programmes listed below all offer ‘Recurring Commissions’ and are probably some of the most high quality and respected products on the market. They are products that have a large number of people using them who continue to pay their subscriptions each month. This means that the Affiliates are continuing to receive ongoing commissions each month or year, which shows that the products are quality and mean you will do very well if you choose to market them to the right people.

Risk Free

Each of the products below are FREE to sign up for, so you can test them yourself to see how they work and this will provide you with great knowledge of the products when you promote them. Not only that, most of the products below are essential products that you yourself can use in your own Affiliate Marketing business and will help you to dominate your chosen niches and crush your competitors in the process.