Finding Your Niche – How To Choose A Niche

Many people believe they have a fantastic product or service and then spend months and months (even years) developing the product or service and then trying to bring the product or service to market. Sadly, only to find that there is not a market for their product and that nobody wants to buy it. As you can imagine, this is not only sole destroying but it is also a complete waste of time, stress and money. It is far better to know this information beforehand! Successful Niche Marketing is all about knowing your target market audience and getting to know what they want and more importantly what they need and are willing to pay good money for. If you know what they want and can then provide them with the information, a product or service that fulfils their needs, you simply cannot fail.

The bottom line is very simple. Rather guessing what people want and thinking of a product that you believe will people will want or need, it is much better to fnd out what people are searching for and then design a product that provides the answers and solutions to their needs.

Steps On Finding Your Niche Market

The best way for you to be successful in any Marketing campaign is to first find a hungry market and then provide them with what they want or need. Do not design a product or service that you think people want and will buy, simply because you think it is a good idea because the chances are, you could be wasting your time and money! Research your market first, listen to what people are saying, take a look at what people are buying and look at what people are searching for and then create something that will solve their problem or help make their life easier.

When you Market your product or service, ensure you project the message loud and clear that your product or service will help the customer and tell them why they should buy it and how it will benefit them.

To make money in any type of business whether it is ‘on’ or ‘offline’, you need a niche market. For example, you can’t just expect to open a “clothes shop” and expect it to be successful and earn you large amounts of money. To make your business more successful and to increase your chances of success, you need to open a shop that is targeted to a specific niche such as a “Baby Clothing” or a “Bridal Wear”. The more targeted your shop is to a specific niche, the less competition you can expect to worry about and as a result, it will be more profitable for you.

Although this is the case for both ‘on’ and ‘offline’ businesses, it actually applies much more to ‘online’ businesses. This is because if you have a traditional offline business that is situated in a village, town or city, you may only have a small number of competitors in a certain radius. However, if you run an online business, the chances are that you will be competing with tens, if not hundreds of thousands of other businesses who are all selling the same product or service as you. The added difficulty is that not only are you competing with all the other businesses online who are selling the same or similar products to you but you are also competing with the army of affiliates whom are also trying to promote the same products!

When you are looking at selling a product online, it is essential to target certain niche keywords and sometimes it is better to target a tighter or more obscure niche keyword than a general one.

Finding Your Niche Online

Finding your Niche Market for your Online campaign is essential because if you do not, you will not rank for the specific keyword you need to be ranking for and as a result will not reach the target market you need to be reaching. It is much more profitable to be ranking 4th or 5th on the first page of Google for a keyword in a smaller Niche Market with less traffic than it is to be ranking on page 250 of Google for a keyword in a larger Niche Market with high traffic. It is important not to forget that when you are trying to promote a product or service on the Internet, you will be competing with a large number of other websites and Blogs who are all doing the same. If you cannot standout in a Niche Market, then there is no way you will be seen and if you cannot be seen you will have no visitors to your website, which in turn results in no money!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they begin Online Marketing is that they see a certain ‘Keyword’ or Market has a large amount of people searching for it. They then think that this will be the best Market for them to target and will be profitable. However, this is what the majority of the other Marketers think and then as a result try to compete for those very same ‘Keyword’ and Markets. This then means that that Market becomes saturated and highly competitive and your website never ranking high in the search engines.

Knowing what your target Market is looking for means you can target that market with the products they are looking for.

The key to making money online is to simply provide visitors to your website with the information they are looking for. If you can make their job easier and show your visitors as soon as possible that your website is targeted at their needs, you cannot fail to make money online.

Define your target market and research what your competition is beforehand.

For Example: If you were wanting to sell Bridal Wear online, there would be hundreds of thousands of people all fighting to rank their own websites for the ‘keyword words’ ‘Bridal Wear’ and it would be very hard for you to rank for these keyword terms. However, there would probably be far less competition for the keyword terms and phrases such as ‘’white wedding dresses’, ‘Gothic wedding dresses’ or ‘long train wedding dresses’.

Finding the right niche and keywords for your niche is a very important element to any business and Niche selection is certainly worth spending a little time on to get it right.

We hope the above guide has helped in understanding why finding your niche is essential. The next process in finding your Niche is Keyword Research.