How To Start An Online Business – Understanding The Principles

How to start an online business, is a very common and frequently asked question. It is steady becoming a question that is asked more and more by everyday people who simply want to make a little extra money along side their day to day job. The thought of running a business from home and having a business that can be run from anywhere in the world is a very big attraction to most people but the reality of trying to set up such a business can seem a little daunting to many.

It isn’t hard to see why this is the case, especially when you read all the technical jargon that many people talk about regarding setting up an online business.

Contrary to belief, setting up your own online business that is ready to monetise, is not as hard as you may first think and certainly does not have to be expensive.  People are led to believe that it will cost a fortune to have their own website online, simply because they believe they will need to pay for a Web Designer to build and maintain their website.  This may have been the case many years ago but not anymore!  Anyone who is still paying huge amounts of money for a Web Designer, is throwing their hard earned money away, it is as simple as that!

The truth is, although it is recommended that you do have your own website, you can actually begin making money online without having to buy and pay for your own.

How To Start An Online Business With Little Money

I see and hear about so many small businesses paying huge amounts of money to have a website built and maintained, yet earn absolutely nothing from their website once it is online.  The only person guaranteed to make any money from the website, is the Website Designer!

Ok, if you are a multi national corporation that is turning over millions of pounds every year then fine! I am sure you will not be bothered about paying huge fees to Web Designers to build and maintain your website but at the moment, all you want to do is set up your own a website online and start earning a little money from it.

The bottom line is very simple, pay as little money on start up costs and then this will allow you to be in profit much quicker.  It’s a very simple fact of setting up any new business. Then, once you actually start earning money from your new business, invest that money back into your business so that it can continue to grow.

So many naive new businesses spend a fortune on having an all singing all dancing website and then wonder why they are making no money.  They spend so much time building a website, spend all their budget on that one website and then can’t understand why their fancy new website is not earning them money.

The answer is very simple and one which you will discover as you read through these webpages.

Can you imagine if you had paid over £1000 to a Web Designer to build your website and then you had to pay an ongoing fee to them every year, just so they would maintain it for you?  You would then need to recoup that £1000 before you have seen any profit for yourself, crazy!

Now I myself would be gutted if I had to spend 1/10th of that price on setting up a website, no in fact, I would be gutted if I had to spend more than 1/100th of that price!

Yes, that is right, £10!  Oh and that is £10 for 2 years, so that’s £5 per year.

Remember I said that ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is virtually FREE, well it is but I would recommend you spend a little money at the start, as it will make your life much easier.  Yes, you can set up your ‘Affiliate Marketing’ business for FREE but for reasons that I will explain later, it’s better to pay a little money at the start.

The initial cost of £10 is something you would need to do anyway, if you are seriously wanting to make money online but the price can vary and this way could save you alot of time, money and frustration.

This would not be more than £10, in fact, it will be less and if you are not prepared to pay £10 to set up your own business, then you may as well close this page now because how many other businesses do you know, that you can set up for less than £10?

I do not want to sound harsh but if you are serious about making money online, you will need to do certain things from the start and if you follow my instructions, I will show you a great way to earn that initial £10 back straight away and continue to earn it back over and over again, using your own website.

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